Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TIFF'D: Wednesday, September 15

Day 7 is a strange day at TIFF for me.  It feels to some extent like the festival ended yesterday.  I have no more interviews.  There are only press screenings scheduled still for the next couple of days.  Past that, I will try to catch some public screenings if they’re not off sale.  The first half was insanity.  I ran around everywhere and had plenty to report on but with things dying down now, I don’t have nearly as much to do nor do I have as much to report on.  And to top it off, I have a full on head cold.

I figure I will just let you know what to expect from Black Sheep Reviews for the remainder of the festival.  Tomorrow will feature a re view of Danny Boyle’s 127 HOURS, the follow up to the Oscar winning phenomenon, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.  That’s about it though.  I am seeing three movies tomorrow and as I really should be in bed instead of in a theatre, I will be taking it as easy as possible.

Friday will feature a special weekend edition of TIFF Bits.  The last weekend of the festival tends to bring back many festival favourites and I will do my best to steer you toward the best films playing in the last weekend of this incredible festival.  Getting tickets is your problem though. 

Friday will also feature a review of NEVER LET ME GO, which I will be seeing in just a half hour.  Saturday will feature the last TIFF review and it is for one of my favourites from the festival, Joaquin Phoenix documentary, I’M STILL HERE.

On the last day of TIFF, I will give you my recap of the entire experience and run down for you my Top 5 TIFF films as well as my choice for the worst film I caught at TIFF.  I still have about ten or s films before those choices are made and plan on doing my best for you in my now somewhat limited physical capacity.

Thanks again for all your support.
Happy TIFF!

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