Sunday, September 12, 2010

TIFF BITS: Sunday, September 12

It's Sunday morning, Day 4 of TIFF.  I'm a little sleepy and I need a hug but that's OK.  I have coffee for the former and may just hug a total stranger by the end of the day, who knows.  It could be considered fitting given that this evening is the North American premiere of Woody Allen's YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER.  I will be requesting a spot on the red carpet for that one so keep your fingers crossed for me.  This year, you have to stick around for both premieres if you get a red carpet spot.  If I do get it, that means I have to stay for the world premiere of Clint Eastwood's HEREAFTER, starring Matt Damon.  Life could be worse, I guess.

Today is also the opening day for TIFF's Bell Lightbox theatre.  I will be definitely heading over there at the end of my screening day to check that out.  TIFF has a whole big block party planned so if you're in the fine city of Toronto, you should head on down to King Street and John Street.  There are free movies playing all day and special musical guests throughout as well.  I haven't looked outside my window yet but if it is nice out there, head on out!

And if you're looking for movies to pay for today, why don't you check these one's out ...

Visa Screening Room - 6:00
I accidentally caught this film yesterday when one of my other screenings was pushed back.  I had heard that Danny Boyle's follow-up to his Oscar winning phenomenon, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, was really intense - paramedics had to be called to a screening at the Telluride festival just last week. 127 HOURS tells the story of Aaron Ralsten, a moutain climber who gets caught between a rock and hard place for oh about 127 hours or so.  Jmes Franco stars and, much like Ryan Reynolds in BURIED (coming up later in the week), he has to command out attention in a cramped spot the whole time.  I like this one better than that Slumdog movie but be warned, there are some harder moments in the film.

AMC - 6:45
This Maple Pictures documentary snuck into the festival a little later than most of the films but instead of going unnoticed, it has caused quite a stir.  Director Ondi Timoner presents his subject, Bjorn Lomberg, an infamous figure in the debate over climate change.  I can most certainly understand the controversy; it is a very challenging film to watch.  Lomberg asserts a rather contrary view on how the world should be confronting our environmental woes but Timoner provides him the goods to make his approach seem credible.  The trouble is it goes against everything we've been programmed to think all this time.  I am interviewing director and subject today and I'm very curious to hear what they have to say.


(click for review)
Visa Screening Room - 11:00 AM

Varsity - 9:30 AM

I am off now for my first screening of the day, Julian Schnabel's MIRAL, featuring Freida Pinto.  I have an interview with the French director/artist tomorrow afternoon!  In the meantime, don't miss Black Sheep's TIFF review for YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER, just below.

Happy TIFF!


The Taxi Driver said...

Sounds like you are having a good time thus far. How do you go about getting a spot on the red carpet?

Black Sheep said...

I'm having a great time, thanks! Mildly spent though. I get red carpet requests each day in the morning and then the festival picks and chooses who gets to go from the list of people who ask. Fingers crossed.