Friday, September 10, 2010

TIFF BITS: Friday, September 10

Today marks two very important things.  The first important thing about today is that it is my friend, Christopher's birthday.  I wish I could be spending it with him but he is far and there is the whole matter of the second important things about today that is getting in the way.  Today marks the first full day of screenings at TIFF.  So, I wish you well, Christopher, but duty calls.

The duty I am referring to specifically is my obligation to attend the a screening of Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN this morning.  I could not be more excited about that.  Hopefully, it lives up to my expectations.  Past that, I am interviewing the director of BIUTIFUL, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu today. I'm a wee bit nervous for this given that he is such a prolific director; this is the man who gave us AMORES PERROS and BABEL after all.  As if that weren't enough, I am also interviewing the film's star, Javier Bardem, the Academy Award winning actor of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Be sure to check out my TIFF'd video blog this evening for a full recap.

Now, as for you all, here's what you can expect at TIFF today.  Tonight's big galas are for Tom Hooper's THE KING'S SPEECH and David Schwimmer's TRUST, starring Catherine Keener and Clive Owen.  My full review for THE KING'S SPEECH is posted below and I am only seeing TRUST tomorrow morning so I can't really help you out there.  I can make these suggestions though:

Winter Garden Theatre - 8:00
It isn't always easy to interview people when you don't like their movie.  Fortunately for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this Spanish language film.  Like most of Inarritu's work, it focuses on death and the kinds of perspective it gives you on your life.  Bardem is brilliant in the film and it lives up to its mispelled name in terms of aesthetics.  Both director and star are expected to attend this North American premiere.

Varsity Theatre - 10:00
I'm going to have to sleep on this one before I make up my full mind about it.  This is the Joaquin Phoenix documentary about his quitting acting and becoming a hip hop recording artist, as lensed by brother-in-law, Casey Affleck.  This documentary could be a hoax but the beauty of it is that you can never be sure as to whether it is or not.  It is vulgar, offensive, uncomfortable and oddly enlightening on the subjects of celebrity, ego and opportunity.  It will be released in theatres soon but check it out at TIFF if you get a chance.

Don't forget to check Black Sheep back at the end of the day for TIFF'd, a video blog about how the whole day went.  Please note that yesterday's TIFF'd had to come down due to some issues I was having with it.  They have been worked out though and video blogging commences again, if that's possible, today!

Bon cinema and happy TIFF!

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