Saturday, September 11, 2010

TIFF BITS: Saturday, September 11

Another day, another birthday.  Today, I want to give a big birthday shout out to my friend, Trista.  She is an editor extraordinaire who also just happens to just be a great person.  Not that I want to divert too much traffic from my site but in the interest of spreading the love, check out her site, Toronto Film Scene, for more excellent TIFF coverage.

Another day also means more TIFF Bits from Black Sheep to make your TIFF experience that much easier.  I have to get a move on as I need to catch the new Will Ferrell film this morning, EVERYTHING MUST GO, directed by Dan Rush.  This is because I am interviewing them both this afternoon.  I am also interviewing Nigel Cole this afternoon.  Cole directed the delightful MADE IN DAGENHAM and I think that would be the perfect segue to move into today's TIFF Bits ...

Visa Screening Room - 6:00
It plays light but it packs a big punch.  In 1968, a group of 187 female workers at a Ford car plant in Dagenham, decided to strike for equal pay and by the time they got through with their struggle, they had changed the world.  It is the true story of how equality acts were ushered in across the world in many countries and Cole tells it perfectly.  Sally Hawkins stars ... and shines.

Ryerson - 9:00
From Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the genius directors behind HALF NELSON, comes this new mental ward comedy featuring Zach Galifianakis.  I caught this last night and I cannot tell you what a disappointment it was.  Not only is it mostly unfunny but it is also fairly misguided.  A mental hospital is not a place to come of age.

Ryerson - 12:00
If you missed this film at it's gala premiere last night, check it out today if you can get your hands on tickets.  I loved this Colin Firth film and you need to see it.   Click for my review from yesterday.

Visa Screening Room - 11:00
David Schwimmer directed this film about a 14-year-old girl who gets involved a much older man on the internet.  Catherine Keener and Clive Owen star as her parents and this is another case where I am warning you to steer clear.  Schwimmer brought nothing new to this important subject but did pull out every cliche he could think of.  Shame.

TIFF is presenting the big gala premiere of Ben Affleck's THE TOWN tonight at Roy Thompson Hall. The Black Sheep review is just below.  The Robert Redford film, THE CONSPIRATOR, which I have not seen, also premieres tonight.  And finally, Philip Seymour Hoffman is in conversation tonight.

Oh, and I just noticed, EASY A is playing.  Hilarious.  Don't miss it.  Seriously, so funny.

Speaking of funny, I must get ready for Will Ferrell now.
Have a great day!

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