Sunday, August 22, 2010

Black Sheep @ The Box Office

Despite the overcrowding with five new wide releases at the box office this weekend, no one was able to unseat Sylvester Stallone and company from the number one spot with THE EXPENDABLES.  The 52% decline for the action flick could have been much worse so the people at Maple Pictures and Lionsgate must be pleased with the word of mouth.  It was expected to rival EAT PRAY LOVE for number one this weekend but the Julia Roberts picture dropped off harder than expected and had to settle for third place, behind vampire spoof, VAMPIRES SUCK, which performed higher than expected.  The Bow Wow led ensemble comedy, THE LOTTERY, performed reasonably well, pulling in the highest per screen average in the top ten, below THE EXPENDABLES, on under 2000 screens.  PIRANHA 3D took as big a bite as one would expect for a number six finish.  NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS was met with little excitement, despite a successful run abroad.  And THE SWITCH brought in a respectable amount given a disaster was expected.  You know the expectations were low when $8 million is a relief.  And sadly, SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD is officially one of the summer's biggest financial disappointments.  Shame on you, people.  You missed one of the best things to happen to this summer.

NEXT WEEK: Summer continues to give up on itself as AVATAR comes back to 700+ screens with brand new footage.  That's right! It's longer now!! The tough guy pick will be TAKERS on 2000+ screens. And THE LAST EXORCISM opens on 2700 screens.  This had better be the last one; those things creep me out.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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RachelHyland said...

What is going on? SCOTT PILGRIM should be rigning supreme... or at least doing better than the abysmally obvious attempt at parody that is VAMPIRES SUCK. We can content ourselves, perhaps, in knowing that Pilgrim will doubtless become a cult classic -- indeed, it already may have.