Sunday, August 01, 2010

Black Sheep @ The Box Office

Three weeks running now and INCEPTION is still number one at the box office, fending off three wide newcomers that all failed mostly in their own right.  The Christopher Nolan blockbuster just barely lost the number one spot on Friday to the Steve Carell/Paul Rudd comedy, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS.  It was not able to hold on to its lead though and finishes the weekend as Carell's lowest summer opening weekend since he became a star in 2005 with THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN.  The widest release in the Top 10 on 3705 screens, CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE, manages to piddle that screen time away with a puny average of $3400.  Perhaps even more sad though is Zac Efron's attempt to prove himself as a bankable, serious actor with CHARLIE ST. CLOUD, actually opening beneath the doggy/feline disaster.  Despite losing nearly 50% of it's audience this weekend, SALT held up well during the week for a healthy $70 million gross after ten days in theatres.  And just below the Top 10 yet again, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT expands to almost 850 screens, brining in $3.5 million and a solid average of $4090.  A Top 10 slot would have been nice exposure for it but it's doing, uh, all right, all the same.  The big indie success this week though was the Robert Duvall black comedy, GET LOW, which pulled in an average of over $22K on just 4 screens.  

NEXT WEEK: Will Ferrell teams up with Mark Wahlberg and the director of STEP BROTHERS for cop comedy, THE OTHER GUYS on 3400+ screens.  Black Sheep will be catching the advance screening and getting back to you on STEP UP 3D, which opens on 2200 screens.  Paramount ensemble crime comedy, MIDDLE MEN, opens on a limited 200 screens.  And 2009 holdover, THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED rolls out slowly on to 12 screens.  Black Sheep Reviews had the chance to chat with Miss Creed herself, Gemma Arterton this week.  Look for the interview next weekend!

Source: Box Office Mojo

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