Sunday, August 08, 2010

Black Sheep @ The Box Office

It's August, people.  This makes the $35 million debut of THE OTHER GUYS commendable given it's solid size but what other choice did people have really?  STEP UP 3D! Is that even a choice?  This summer continues on its uneven path with a glut this weekend followed by overcrowding next weekend (more on that below).  Still, Will Ferrell should be pleased with THE OTHER GUYS opening, pulling in a near $10K per screen average and earning the honours of dethroning INCEPTION after three weeks at number one.  STEP UP 3D opened somewhat on par with the last film in the series but given that ticket prices for 3D pics are more expensive, the numbers would have had to have been higher to be considered a success.  Large second week declines for DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS and CHARLIE ST. CLOUD indicate very little good word of mouth circulating for the disappointments.  Outside the Top 10, the corruption drama, MIDDLE MEN sank to the bottom of a lake with a reported $300K on 252 screens for an average of $1200.  And even though it dropped off some in overall earnings this weekend, the delightful adult summer indie, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, finally cracked the Top 10 at number 10 this week, with a grand total of $14 million so far.

They don't get how this happened either.

NEXT WEEK: Hollywood goes wide with three major releases that play to three very different demographics.  The hotly anticipated return from director, Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ), SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD opens on 2600+ screens. Next up on 2800+ screens, Julia Roberts and director, Ryan Murphy ("Glee") take on the massive literary success, EAT PRAY LOVE.  And the action heroes of yore - from Sylverster Stallone to Black Sheep interviewee, Dolph Lundgren - explode big time on to 3000+ screens in THE EXPENDABLES. (The interview is coming this week.)

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