Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tis the Season: The CAST Awards

Yesterday, the Online Film Critics Society announced THE SOCIAL NETWORK as Best Picture of 2010. Seeing as how I have asked to be a part of that society for essentially every year I've been online and and every year they reject me, I've decided not to bother reporting about them this year. (No offense to the members I actually know.) Instead, I bring you today a year end list from a group that is happy to have me - the CAST Awards. CAST stands for Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto and the society consists of a good chunk of Toronto film bloggers who meet monthly to talk about what they love most, film. These good people, myself included, voted in two rounds and collectively have voted INCEPTION as the Best Picture of 2010. The full Top 25 is listed below and the participants are then listed below that. You can click on any links to go to their sites and/or follow them on Twitter. Thanks to James McNally of Toronto Screen Shots for organizing and compiling the whole affair.

1. Inception41122
2. Toy Story 331120
3. Black Swan30716
4. Shutter Island29719
5. The Social Network26117
6. Scott Pilgrim25417
7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo23116
8. Winter’s Bone18011
9. I Am Love1659
10.The King’s Speech14911
11. Rubber1499
12. Never Let Me Go14711
13. Trigger1409
14. Fish Tank1349
15. Buried1349
16. The White Ribbon1307
17. True Grit1279
18. Chloe1248
19. Easy A12110
20. Marwencol1177
21. 127 Hours1159
22. A Prophet1148
23. Rabbit Hole1127
24. Blue Valentine1108
25. Heartbeats1107


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