Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black Sheep's Blu-Tuesday

There are plenty of new and upcoming home video releases to get to but first, I want to briefly follow up on CADDYSHACK from last week.  Man, humour has changed a lot in 30 years.  Inspired performances from Bill Murray and Chevy Chase elevate this Harold Ramis comedy higher than it could have ever aspired to reach but the laughs are pretty minimal.  I'm not sure if it is the pacing or the style but it just doesn't work comedically in today's context.

There are a bunch of Blu-ray announcements to get excited about this week.  For me, the most intriguing is the October 12 release of the David O. Russell 1999 film, THREE KINGS, starring George Clooney.  I look forward to seeing this beautifully shot and insightful commentary piece again as I have not seen it in ages.  Another classic, one I haven't seen at all, is coming August 30 - Peter Weir's PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK.  The surprise Academy Award nominee for Animated Feature, THE SECRET OF KELLS, will be available October 5.  And contemporary films, Roman Polanski's GHOST WRITER and Disney Nature's OCEANS, make their debuts on August 3 and October 19, respectively.

And now, what can you get your hands on right now?!

Michael Cera has a hard time proving that he can be anything other than the endearing, awkward teenager we've all come to love and appreciate.  Even though we sit around enjoying his shtick, we also sit around and complain that he's only got the one note.  Cera tries very hard to kill that persona in YOUTH IN REVOLT, from indie director, Miguel Arteta (THE GOOD GIRL, CHUCK & BUCK).  Theoretically, it should work perfectly.  Cera plays a geeky teenager who falls for a girl but must fracture into a split personality in order to maintain her interests.  His alter ego is bad-ass in preppy clothing but he isn't any less delicate than Cera's regular everyday persona.  Still, if you're a Cera fan, YOUTH IN REVOLT is a good time.  I found it to be funny and enjoyable - perfect for a little leisurely rental time. It is a bit of a disappointment for Arteta but the indie spin gives this Hollywood tale some some reasonably sharp edge.  If you want real edge though ...

No Blu-ray release here but the good people at Warner Brothers sent me this seventh season of Larry David's infuriating HBO comedy, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and I could not have enjoyed it more.  I had only seen one season prior to this and let me assure you, you do not need to know the history to get David's current situation.  I love to hate this guy.  He is the worst human being on the planet but he means well.  The first episode finds him rushing to break up with his girlfriend before she gets the results of her biopsy.  You certainly can't break up with someone after they've found out they have cancer but apparently the hours leading up to that are fair game.  The 10-episode season continues with a genius build to a "Seinfeld" reunion show, with all the major cast and some of the minor characters returning for hilarious turns as themselves.  Any "Seinfeld" fan will appreciate the subtleties of this season.  

ALSO NEW THIS WEEK: Other releases this week include Denzel Washington's failed work with the Hughes Brothers, THE BOOK OF ELI.  Underground animated cult fave, MARY & MAX is a tale of two oddly matched pen pals.  That chick from FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL has some issue with coins in a fountain and men following her around afterward in WHEN IN ROME.  And is you want a good drunken night in with the girls, check out the 15th anniversary edition of SHOWGIRLS!

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