Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Sheep @ The Box Office

Harry Potter and friends prove they've still got a little magic we haven't seen up their sleeves as HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS conjures up the best opening weekend in the franchise's history! The $77.8 million opening weekend the previous installment, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, pulled in is certainly nothing to scoff at, but it is also the second lowest opening weekend tally of all seven Potter films. It seemed like Potter mania had topped out but fans and more prove that everyone wants to see how this saga will end.

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS started strong with $24 million in midnight showings Thursday night. This is the most for the series and the third highest midnight gross in history behind the last two TWILIGHT chapters. And the history making doesn't stop there. Friday's combined total of $61 million was the fifth biggest opening day in history. It was also the second biggest November opening behind TWILIGHT: NEW MOON ($142 million). In fact, Harry Potter titles make up the rest of the Top 5 in that category. Overall, the latest Harry Potter ranks as the 6th best opening weekend in history, right behind the $128 million IRON MAN 2 opening weekend. THE DARK KNIGHT still holds that record with $158 million. The first film, HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE, remains the highest grossing Harry Potter pic with a domestic total of over $317 million. With this incredible start and Thanksgiving next weekend, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS could easily shatter that. Black Sheep reviewed Harry's latest adventure this week. Click here for the review.

And while one boy grows stronger, another man gets weaker - at least at the box office anyway. Russell Crowe's latest thriller, THE NEXT THREE DAYS, officially generated no interest in filmgoers. I guess even grandparents caught the Hogwarts crew. This Paul Haggis film is his second strike as a director after the dismal returns for his last film, IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH. Black Sheep interviewed the Canadian director this week. Click here for the interview.

The Doug Liman film, FAIR GAME, finally snuck into the Top 10 on 386 screens. It shouldn't make it much higher mind you. Poised to capture a spot very shortly though is the Danny Boyle platform success, 127 HOURS (click title for review). This week's gross improved another 108% after adding another 86 screens. And it was a modest debut for British export, MADE IN DAGENHAM. The Nigel Cole film pulled in an average of $13K per screen on just 3 screens. Look for Black Sheep's interview with the director later this week. The fantastic film expands next Friday.

NEXT WEEK: It's turkey time which means way too much to eat at the theatre. Four films open on Wednesday in wide release and each is as fattening as the next. In descending order of screens, they are Disney's TANGLED (3500), Cher's BURLESQUE (2800), Jakey-pooh's LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (2300) and The Rock's return to action, FASTER (2300). Best Picture front runner, THE KING'S SPEECH, starring Colin Firth, opens on 4 screens on Friday. Read the Black Sheep review for it now though. Just click here.


H said...

wanna watch burlesque though

Black Sheep said...

I wanna watch it too, if only just to see how disastrous it is.