Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TIFF'D: Tuesday, September 14

There was a moment when I was sitting in the Bell Lightbox theatre this morning watching John Cameron Mitchell's RABBIT HOLE when I was somewhat overcome with emotion.  The film itself accomplished this a number of times but this particular moment was when I realized just how fortunate I am to be having the TIFF experience that I am.  I had never been to the Bell Lightbox theatre before.  I love John Cameron Mitchell and was very excited to see the film. (Side note: I love him more now that I've seen RABBIT HOLE.) And as if that wasn't enough, my day was only going to get better.

I didn't love the mad sprint I had to manage from the theatre to the Intercontinental hotel for my interview with HEARTBEATS director, Xavier Dolan, but I made it right on time.  Unfortunately for me, this meant I was still somewhat flustered from my walk in the hot sun.  The interview didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I started by telling him that I was a big admirer and very happy to be interviewing him.  I was very nervous.  He was thankful but when I started asking questions, he was somewhat skeptical.  I think he's had a hard time with the press because of the critical reception of HEARTBEATS.  I thought that if I expressed how much I loved it, we would just share in that but it was almost as though he was expecting the worst.  HEARTBEATS is screening as I write this and screens again tomorrow.  I urge you to see it.  It is a beautiful, touching exploration of the spectrum of places our hearts and minds go when we are in love or perhaps when we just think we are.  It's as insightful as it is whimsical.  And as for Dolan, I think he has the potential to be one of the greatest filmmakers Canada has ever seen.

Next up, waiting for the BURIED roundtables.  There was an only an hour between interviews so there was no point in going anywhere.  Besides, while I waited, Freida Pinto stood and waited for the elevators right in front of me.  Then she said hello's to Zach Braff.  Jay Baruchel and Jacob Tierney were around.  Oh, and Paul Giamatti strolled past me and muttered the word, "Buried" to himself a couple of times when he read it on a sign on a door.  The BURIED was to be my last of the festival, barring any last minute surprises.  The one I just had was iffy but I had had a coffee and was ready for more.  When Ryan Reynolds was introduced to the five journalists at the table, he shook everyone's hand and when he got to mine, he said, "Hi, I'm Ryan."  I nearly died.  Seriously?  He just told me who he was as if I didn't know?  I watch a lot of films I ordinarily might not just to see that face and now he was sitting a few feet away from me.  He was joined by the director of BURIED, Rodrigo Cortes and the two of them got along like great buddies.  They were both jokers, bantering back and forth while reminiscing about the difficult BURIED shoot.  I got a couple of good questions in and met some great people at the table too.  It was by far the easiest roundtable I had.  Odd because it was also the one I was most nervous for.  Actually, I think I was more nervous for Dolan.  My crush on him is a lot more realistic.  (Don't miss the Black Sheep BURIED review, just click.)

I then was privy to a screening of Derek Cianfrance's BLUE VALENTINE, a heart wrenching look at a marriage on the brink of death.  With such a devastating indie plot like this, you could not ask for a couple than Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.  I have some small issues with the film.  I can't see it playing wide because it is just too painful for that big an audience but the sheer brilliance of the performances are reason enough to see this film for anyone who has the nerve to see it.  It's a very sharp look at how noble intentions fail but it can be a little bleak at times.

I am at home now.  The gods were good to me a little more as they delivered the first season of GLEE, available today on DVD and Blu-ray, to me today so I can zone out for a bit.  And by gods, I mean the good people at 20th Century Fox.  The only thing that sucked about my day, I have come down with a cold.  I'm going to rest now and there are just movies from here on in so the load just got a lot lighter.

I just hope I didn't give this cold to Ryan ...

Oh, and in case you missed it, here is my BLACK SWAN review, as retweeted by Blockbuster Canada.  Nothing wrong with that.

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The Taxi Driver said...

Sounds like you really had a good last day and a good festival. How did you get access to all these interviews and round tables? I wouldn't want to do it myself I'm just curious.