Saturday, September 11, 2010

TIFF'D: Saturday, September 11

My apologies folks.  Technical difficulties prevent me from posting a video about my third day at TIFF.  It was a good day.  I woke up feeling refreshed despite only getting about five hours sleep.  I was in the best of spirits when I got to the mandatory morning screening of EVERYTHING MUST GO.  I say mandatory because I was interviewing the director and the star this afternoon.  That would be Dan Rush and Will Ferrell.  But first I had to interview director, Nigel Cole.  Cole is at TIFF with MADE IN DAGENHAM, a great film I wrote up earlier today.  Ferrell was not as tall as I thought he would be and you can he is very happy with this film and his performance, as he should be.  It was Rush's first roundtable interview ever apparently and Cole was a very warm and spirited chat.  I was supposed to see a Japanese film and an Indian film this evening but both of those somehow ran into problems.  I'm hearing there was some issue at Roy Thompson Hall that put all this trouble in motion but my screening of NORWEGIAN WOOD was postponed for two hours and moved to another theatre and then my 8:00 public screening of DHOBI GHAT, an incredibly difficult ticket to get ahold of, was postponed for and hour and a half!  Fortunately, an additional press screening of Danny Boyle's 127 HOURS was added around the same time as NORWEGIAN WOOD so I caught that (it also started late).  But I could not wait an hour and a half for the second film.  I had to come home to argue with my computer for an hour now about why it just won't upload my perfectly good video.  My poor friend, Arun, who went through the trouble of getting these tickets for us, is only now getting into the theatre.  If a press screening gets canned, I'm not happy but I can deal.  If I had an interview attached to it, I know it will be rescheduled.  But when the public gets sided like this, it just isn't fair.  The festival is offering refunds on the tickets, from what I understand, if you didn't want to wait and I know some things cannot be helped.  It's a big festival and a lot can go wrong.  They are doing their best and that is appreciated.  Still, I would hope that every person who waited for that public screening tonight got a voucher for another ticket.  It doesn't even have to be a festival ticket.  They could use it for screenings at Bell Lightbox for their upcoming Essential Cinema series.  Just a little something, y'know.  Thank God nothing was screening after DHOBI GHAT.

All that to say I can't get my video to upload.  Sorry.  Bell Lightbox opens tomorrow and I can't wait to see.  I need sleep first though.  Good night.

ps. if i am able to upload the video, i will.

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