Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Sheep @ The Box Office

There isn't much of excitement to report on at this week's box officer.  Friday essentially decided whether or not SALT and Angelina Jolie would have the muscle to take down Christopher Nolan's powerhouse, INCEPTION.  It did not.  Still, the start is a good $9 million more than THE BOURNE IDENTITY did in its first weekend.  Their averages were about the same as well and, seeing as SALT so clearly wants to be the female Bourne, the start is a good one.  Overseas dollars will make the decision but if they follow suit, a sequel will be made.  INCEPTION meanwhile had the second smallest second week dip all year.  (The record belongs to THE TOOTH FAIRY oddly enough).  At nearly $145 million in just two weeks, INCEPTION is poised to surpass BATMAN BEGINS as Nolan's second biggest hit behind THE DARK KNIGHT.  And finally, it could still change after final numbers are in Monday, but estimates have THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT bringing in almost $2.7 million on just 200 screens, placing it at number eleven.  Hopefully, the kids will be more than all right and find themselves in the Top 10 next week.  Oh, and RAMONA AND BEEZUS bombed in 8th place .. in case anyone cares.

NEXT WEEK: Pretty boy Zac Efron hopes to expand his acting chops and audience with CHARLIE ST. CLOUD on 2500 screens.  Also appearing on 2500 screens is the American remake of the French film, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS with Steve Carrell.  And debuting on a whopping 3700 screens is the long awaited sequel, CATS AND DOGS 2: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE.  How does this happen?

Source: Box Office Mojo


Rúben B. said...

Invictus... hm... I've to see it xD

Home theater Seating said...


Salt ended up to be a generic shooting flick that delivered because of Angelina Jolie. Inception was a huge hit.