Sunday, February 27, 2011

For Your Consideration 2011

Happy Oscar Day!! For all of you having guests over to watch the Academy Awards this evening, I offer you the following musical selections for your consideration. Throughout 2010, I took note of all the songs in the movies that stood out for me and have compiled this tracklisting to represent the year in film. There are a few songs from movies I love and a few from films I can hardly stand but this isn't about the movies for a change. It is about the music. And so I give you:


Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross ... THE SOCIAL NETWORK ... In the Hall of the Mountain King
The Langley Schools Music Project ... CATFISH ... Good Vibrations
James Murphy ... GREENBERG ... Please Don't Follow Me
Radiohead ... INCENDIES ... You and Whose Army?
Florence + The Machine ... TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE ... Heavy in your Arms
Beachwood Sparks ... SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD ... By Your Side
The Beatles ... DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS ... Fool on the Hill
Eddie Vedder ... EAT PRAY LOVE ... Better Days
DeVotchKa ... JACK GOES BOATING ... Dearly Departed
Dinah Washington ... SHUTTER ISLAND ... This Bitter Earth
John Legend & The Roots ... WAITING FOR "SUPERMAN" ... Shine
Penny & The Quarters ... BLUE VALENTINE ... You and Me
Alicia Keys ... SEX & THE CITY 2 ... Empire State of Mind Part II
Christina Aguilera ... BURLESQUE ... Bound to You
The Knife ... LES AMOURS IMAGINAIRES ... Pass This On
Daft Punk ... TRON: LEGACY ... Derezzed
Underworld ... BIUTIFUL ... Shudder / King of Snake
Hans Zimmer ... INCEPTION ... Time

That should all fit nicely on one CD. For those of you operating digitally, you can also add Hans Zimmer's "Half-Remebered Dream", also from INCEPTION, as the first track. It pulls it together nicely. Also, I had to cut one song because of space restraints but, again digitally speaking, you could also add the Oscar-nominated "Coming Home", as sung by Gwyneth Paltrow, from the film COUNTRY STRONG, right after the BURLESQUE track.

I hope you like the tunes. They make for great welcome music for your party. Then when the music fades, you can let the festivities begin. I will be at the Drake Hotel for dinner and the show tonight. Here's hoping for an exciting evening with some surprises and memorable moments. One last time for good luck .. Go SOCIAL NETWORK!!

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