Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Black Sheep's Blu-Tuesday

There aren't a lot of high profile releases today but what is coming out makes me very excited so we will get to them after a quick run down of this week's newly announced Blu-ray releases.  Two Humphrey Bogart classics come from Warner Bros. on October 5 - THE MALTESE FALCON and THE TREASURE OF SIERRE MADRE.  A couple more classics - Jean-Pierre Jeunet's DELICATESSEN and Carol Reed's 1949 thriller, THE THIRD MAN -  find homes on September 14.  And this last one is just a rumour right now but it would appear a complete GRINDHOUSE release is finally coming - including both Quentin Tarantino's DEATH PROOF, Robert Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR and all the trailers from the original theatrical presentation.

As for this week ...

If you haven't jumped on the Stieg Larsson book series yet, there is no better time to pick up this fantastic film.  The second in the series, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, comes out in theatres this weekend and you don't want to be left behind.  (The Black Sheep review is coming this weekend too.)  I will warn you though; this is not an easy film to watch.  I'm slightly unclear really on how easily the book series is being devoured by so many people considering how graphic and dark the subject matter is.  That said, if you can stomach some intense violence against women, the insight you will take with you is well worth it.  Aside from being a great study in character and relationships, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (click to read full review) is an intriguing mystery that will grip you just as much as it will repulse you.  A challenge but well worth it!

This Tom Ford debut feature was sorely underrated last year during awards season.  Colin Firth was universally recognized  for his portrayal of George - a British, homosexual man dealing with the loss of his longtime lover in 1950's Los Angeles.  He earned his first Oscar nomination, took home the BAFTA and floored me for the first time in his career but there is also so much more to devour in A SINGLE MAN (click to read full review).  Julianne Moore's overlooked supporting role as a single woman is delicious.  And I have yet to tire of Abel Korzeniowski's moving and unforgettable score.  To say nothing of Dan Bishop's brilliant production design.  Ford has turned Christopher Isherwood's brilliant exploration of what it would be like to lose a lover instead of being left by one into an incredibly compelling argument for gay marriage rights without being the least bit preachy.  And in doing so in such a sensitive manner, he has crafted a  contemporary gay classic , worthy of being held up alongside Gus Van Sant's MILK and Ang Lee's BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.  

ALSO NEW THIS WEEK: One could spend some time with BROOKLYN'S FINEST, starring Don Cheadle, but I have not heard anything fine about it.  If you're a Buster Keaton fan though, and I am, the charming and amusing, STEAMBOAT BILL JR. get the BD treatment.

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