Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black Sheep presents Blu-Tuesday

Two giant holiday releases from last year make their way to homes everywhere this week.  It should be a pretty insane sales week, what with these titles and Easter coming up this weekend.  The reigning sales champ is THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.  The set sold 4 million plus units in its first week of release, 17% of which came from BD sales.  Somehow though, on the rental side of the board, the whiny little vampire folk only managed a second place debut.  Second place is none too shabby considering the film only came out on the Saturday of that week, giving it only two days to qualify.  Still, it lost the crown to DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS?  That's got to be a pain in the neck

Here are this week's biggest BD releases ...

The good folks at Warner Bros. sent me over a copy of this Guy Ritchie hit from 2009.  I caught the SHERLOCK HOLMES in theatres and, at the time, thought it was somewhat overly complicated but still a good thrill ride nonetheless.  Holmes is supposed to be some sort of super detective genius and, while his genius as channeled through the further genius of Robert Downey Jr., provides wit so quick, it can be tricky to keep up with, it also alienates the viewer from figuring out any part of the mystery themselves.  I like to have a fighting chance as someone watching to figure out what is going on.  Still, in my living room, the exquisite sets and art direction are something to behold and the thrills are still there.  BD extras include a full picture in picture tour from Ritchie and look for Downey Jr. himself to join in a community screening of the film through BD live options, this Thursday, April 1, at 9:00 PM, EST.

Every time I have to type the word "squeakquel", I want to vomit a little.  This juggernaut of a family film did even better business than its predecessor and not surprisingly will be followed up with a third film in 3D.  I'm not sure what the appeal is for children.  This isn't exactly a well-known brand to this generation, or at least it wasn't before the first film came out.  Yet still, the kids seem to be eating up just as quick as these little rodents are eating up their own poo.  BD extras, so you can be sure to really get your chipmunk on, include plenty of interactive games and sing-a-long's for your kids to drive you insane with all throughout Easter weekend.

Now this is where my money is going this week.  Lone Scherfig's Oscar-nominated film is an elegant and tasteful experience but it is also a telling lesson that all should learn.  I intend to learn my lesson again in my Sunday best with tea and scones just to make sure I do it right.  I should be careful though; I don't want to give the impression that AN EDUCATION is a snotty film.  It is quite the opposite.  The brilliant cast, led by the enchanting Carey Mulligan, paint a beautiful portrait of what it was like to be a girl in 1960's Britain.  Author, Nick Hornby's first screenplay is so subtle and so insightful that you don't even realize how much you're being schooled until it's done.  You will not want to miss this class.  BD extras include commentary with director, Scherfug, Mulligan and co-star, Peter Saarsgard.


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