Monday, January 12, 2009

Black Sheep's Best of 2008 Contest! (This contest is closed.)

The time has arrived. 21 Black Sheep readers have submitted their picks for the best films of 2008 and now it is your job to decide which of those lists is the best of the bunch!

The rules are simple. Scroll through the following 2008 Top 5 lists and if you like a particular list, just click of the "Thumbs Up!" icon at the bottom of that particular entry. The icon looks like this ...

You can vote for as many or as little lists as you like. DON'T BOTHER CLICKING ON THE "THUMBS DOWN" ICON - THESE VOTES DO NOT COUNT AND DO NOT TAKE AWAY FROM THE POSITIVE VOTES. The person whose list has the most "Thumbs Up!" votes come midnight on January 18, will win their choice of two DVD's from a specific list of ten.

As an added bonus, Black Sheep Reviews will be adding another category to this year's Mouton d'Or Awards ... Reader's Choice! The nominees are pictured above and based on the most popular titles from the submitted lists below. The full list of Mouton d'Or nominations will be released on Tuesday, January 20. In the meantime though, here are the nominees for the first ever Mouton d'Or for Reader's Choice:


I've got to say, Black Sheep peeps, that's an impressive list. You've got great taste!

Voting for the Reader's Choice award will begin next week after the rest of the nominations are announced. In the meantime though, get voting on the 21 "Best of 2008" lists below. May the best list win!

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