Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Written by Allison Burnett
Directed by Heitor Dalia
Starring Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter and Wes Bentley

When Jill comes home from her night job at a diner, she finds her sister not at home. After doing a thorough search of the house, she determines that her sister has been taken. This is a scenario she knows all too well, since she herself was taken, thrown down a hole and almost murdered the previous year. Convinced the same man has come back for her, but accidentally got the wrong girl, she goes to the police. The problem is they don’t believe her. With no assistance from the authorities and time running out, Jill takes matters into her own hands to save her sister’s life.

GONE is an interesting take on the serial killer genre. Keeping the audience in the dark about the true crime being committed here, while also expecting them to invest in a character who is very likable and has clear, seemingly unclouded motives is an excellent device. Amanda Seyfried is one of the few young female actresses today who would have been able to portray a character that lies her way through an investigation, but makes the audience believe her story. The remainder of the supporting cast seems to have been put together for maximum impact at the box office. Wes Bentley is in the film for only a few brief moments and plays a non-pivotal role, while Jennifer Carpenter plays a slightly more important part, but is in the film for an equally short period of time.

In the end this is a great thriller and a solid entry into the serial killer genre. While this isn’t a ‘must see’ for everyone, it should definitely be on the list for horror/thriller fans. GONE is available on DVD now.

Written by Trista DeVries
Toronto Film Scene

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Unknown said...

One thing: Upon watching this, I really thought I watched a season finale of a TV Series. The only thing I enjoyed watching was Seyfried, she's darn cute. Although it pains me to realize she isn't a very "great" actress. Not very "bad" either.

Black Sheep said...

Yeah, she occasionally gets a plum role but there seem to be way more cheesefests that end up on her plate.