Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Black Sheep's Blu-Tuesday

When you take a vacation, even a miniature one like I took last week, some things inevitably go awry.  For instance, my not being home made it pretty difficult to receive the films I was sent last week.  That being said, my being on vacation means that, even if I were home at the time of their delivery, I would have likely not watched them, let alone written about them.  Here we are though, one week later, and I feel I should get to these lost films as though they were released this week.  But first, speaking of lost ...

Unfortunately for me, I do not have the $195 American dollars necessary to obtain this nifty box set here but it is officially going on my Amazon wishlist.  I did not start watching LOST until this year, that is to say, I started watching from the beginning this year. I certainly didn't just jump in at the last second; who could do that and actually comprehend what was going on? I also have not seen a single scene from the sixth and final season (also available for individual purchase) so I will be first in line tomorrow at my video store to make sure that Season 6, Disc 1 is mine.  I will also likely grab Disc 2, just in case.

When I sat down to watch Kenneth Brannagh's HAMLET this past weekend, I found myself wondering just who the heck this Brannagh guy was back in day to be able to get this 4+ hour, unabridged version of the infamous Shakespeare classic made.  A skim through the gorgeous Blu-Ray book commemorating the masterful work answered all of my questions.  Brannagh was considered to be a Shakespearean genius at the time and, albeit not perfect of course, his control over the direction, writing and performance of the titular character is highly commendable.  Fear not, there is a well timed intermission included on the disc for those interested in breaking up the night.

This is one of the few films of 2009 that I was not able to see before year-end.  I had heard great things about Christian McKay's performance as the notorious Orson Welles and he certainly doesn't disappoint.  He carries himself as though he is the only person of any import in the room at all times and he plays everyone he comes into contact with perfectly, both on screen and off.  Claire Danes and Zac Efron round out the principles in the Richard Linklater production and do so with a fair amount of charm.  Efron is so cute when he tries to act all serious.  In all seriousness though, he does a pretty good job as a bright-eyed young actor on the precipice of success with no idea what is in store.

ALSO NEW THIS WEEK: Move over Jennifer Aniston, J-Lo is having a baby all by her lonesome in THE BACK-UP PLAN.  I'm sure both your mother and mine are pleased about that one.  I, on the other hand, will be locking myself indoors with the 13th season of THE SIMPSONS.  That is, I will be as soon as I'm done with LOST.

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