Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Toys of TOY STORY 3

People are so excited about the release of TOY STORY 3 this weekend, myself very much included, and I thought why not take a look at the actual toys that have stemmed from the film franchise.  If you hit up and search for the film in the toy section, 935 items will be found.  I stopped scrolling through them after about page 20 but the following are a few of the toys that I might write Santa Clause for come the end of the year.

Granted, this little guy, Bullseye, doesn't have a big part in the new movie but look at him!  How cute is that face?  I would definitely take him everywhere I go.  How cool would he be just dangling adorably off my backpack?!

Oh Mr. Potato Head - always trying to show up the other guys.  Albeit these costumes are nowhere near as hysterical as the one's he finds in the film itself, I love how in your face he is!

It's not like our man Buzz ever ends up on an operating table in TOY STORY 3 but yet here he is just waiting for those little green alien dudes to carefully remove his funny bone.  Good luck, Buzz.

Here are a few of the new friends you will find in TOY STORY 3.  The bear is the bad guy; Ken and Barbie, you must know already (that is the "Made for Each Other" set, by the way); and that last guy is Big Baby.  I'm not so sure why anyone would want to go near Big Baby but at least he didn't completely get the shaft.

And finally, who could forget this little guy?  I spent hours talking about nothing at all on this little telephone when I was young.  Fortunately, this telephone won't give you a tumor.

Don't forget to see TOY STORY 3 this weekend!


Derek Armstrong said...

They've turned Mr. Potato Head into just about everybody in recent years. We have a friend who seems to think we love Mr. Potato Head, so we have a Darth Maul Mr. Potato Head, a Transformers Mr. Potato Head and one that's dressed up like a king -- affiliation unknown/forgotten. I like the Buzz one a bit better than the Woody one, because the cowboy seems like a sort of generic costume that PH may have worn before, whereas the Buzz costume is more distinct.

Probably won't be going this weekend, but am very excited.

Black Sheep said...

Wait 'til you see what Mr. Potato Head transforms into in the movie. Hilarious!

Movie Reviewer said...

It is always funny to see what characters Pixar/Disney will come out with not only from the character perspective but also from a merchandising perspective. I thought that Barbie and Ken was a funny element but I didn't love any of the new characters like the originals. Buzz is still the best character created by Pixar.