Thursday, February 04, 2010

Black Sheep previews SOUTHLAND

Black Sheep's complete Oscar coverage commences this weekend but first, I need to talk to you about a viewing experience I just had. Now, I know that as of late, it has been pretty fashionable to bash NBC's initial decision to run "The Jay Leno Show" five nights a week, let alone the embarrassing fallout from that bold move. There is one unsung casualty though from this move that needs to be heard. The decision to eliminate the ten o'clock drama meant that NBC cancelled one of the most promising police dramas to appear in years. SOUTHLAND, from ER creator, John Wells, and PUBLIC ENEMIES co-writer, Ann Biderman, was a late addition to the schedule last year and aired for all of seven episodes before NBC pulled the plug. Fortunately, cable network, TNT has picked it up. Take my advice and get on the first season right now. The desperate situation the Los Angeles police department finds themselves facing every day makes for incredibly tense and gritty drama, thanks to brave writing and sharp performances from this stellar cast. Regina King has never been better; she wears the burden of a police force facing insurmountable odds on her face like a veil but never gives up. And Ben Mackenzie is just impossible to ignore; his fresh faced rich boy cop is complex and intriguing. Now, would be the perfect time to start watching. The new season starts March 2 so you won't have to wait long to find out what happens after season one's shocking cliffhanger. SOUTHLAND: SEASON ONE is available now to own, thanks to Warner Brothers Home Video.

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