Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black Sheep has Big Love for BIG LOVE

The dust from the Golden Globes has settled and now that I can get over all of their ridiculous choices, I can congratulate an unexpected win that I was very pleased to see. Ever since I first saw her face in KIDS, I was taken with Chloe Sevigny. She has never really connected with the mainstream public but she has amassed a cult following of admirers. On Sunday, she won her first Golden Globe and I could not be happier for the role she won for. As Nicolette Grant in HBO's BIG LOVE, Sevigny's sometimes cold exterior is put to perfect use. She plays the second of three wives in a modern Mormon polygamist family that also includes Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin. Nicky has always been tricky, to say the least. Coming from life on the compound, she is the daughter of a false prophet and is torn between her loyalties to her past family and her current one. She is always dressed in such dowdy attire and so tightly wound, it is a miracle she hasn't combusted into flames by now. In the third season of BIG LOVE, now available on DVD, she finally starts seeing her past for what it really was but it might be too late. Her antics have her on the outs with her new family and it isn't clear that she can ever get back in their good graces. I would love to see bigger love for the show itself but I will hold on to this win for now. Congratulations, Chloe!

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