Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BLU-TUESDAY ... August 11

It’s been a bit since I detailed what was coming out on BD. This might be because I don’t like to think about all the lovely movies I cannot afford to buy, my not currently having a job and all. This week poses a bit of a challenge though as there are a couple I’d definitely like to add to my collection. In case you weren’t aware, ICHI THE KILLER, ST. ELMO’S FIRE and THE NINTH GATE are all making their BD debuts today. You can even get yourself the big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles box set on BD, including all three live action films as well as the underrated TMNT animated film from a couple years back. Those aren’t the ones that are doing it for me. No, my sights are set on I LOVE YOU, MAN, 17 AGAIN and the Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, THE CLASS.

OK, I don’t want to buy 17 AGAIN but I will definitely be heading out to my local video shop bright and early to take it home for the evening. I missed this one in theatres and, to be fair, I missed it on purpose. The trouble is that I fell in love with Zac Efron some time shortly after that and now I don’t care how bad it is going to be; I just want to see those abs in high definition.

- Outtakes
- Zac’s dance flashback (whatever that is supposed to be)
- Unseen additional footage

I did not review this film when it was in theatres but I did catch it. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are perfect together in this, the latest bromance to show us that there can be some serious love between straight men and that that can lead to some serious laughs. This is the film that finally made Paul Rudd into the leading man he’s always been destined to be and hopefully, we will see plenty more of him from here on in. If you need more Paul Rudd love right now, be sure to check out Black Sheep’s feature, I LOVE YOU, PAUL RUDD.

- Commentary track with director, John Hamburg and Rudd & Segel
- Making of
- Extended/Deleted scenes
- Gag reel / Improv reel
- Red band trailer

This was hands down one of my favorite movies from 2008. I have yet to catch DEPARTURES but it was a shock to me when the Japanese film beat out THE CLASS at the Oscars this year. THE CLASS exposes the state of the education system today by making it seem real and by making it human. It is shot like a documentary but this is the fictionalized version of writer/star, Francois Begaudeau’s life. If his real life, which the film is based on, is anywhere near as chaotic, I certainly do not envy him. THE CLASS is truly a masterpiece and not to be missed.

- Making of
- Commentary on select scenes
- Actor workshops and portraits

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