Thursday, June 04, 2009

Black Sheep Previews: NEW MOON

After its highly anticipated debut at last week's MTV Movie Awards, the trailer for the second installment in the Twilight vampire series, NEW MOON, has reignited the lust for blood in girls around the world. Clearly, from the overtly romantic tone of the trailer, new helmer, Chris Weitz (who replaced Catherine Hardwicke to many fans' dismay), knows what fans connected with in the first installment and intends to play that up this time out. I'm not a big Weitz fan, when it comes to direction, that is. His writing is surprisingly sensitive (CHUCK & BUCK, ABOUT A BOY) but his direction barely holds big pictures together. As it stands, his work on THE GOLDEN COMPASS left the fate of the series in question so it does not bode well for this immensely popular series. That said, he seems to be holding true to the simple hometown aesthetic of the last outing, as opposed to the glamorizing Alfonso Cuaron brought to the Harry Potter series. Well, Taylor Lautner (Jacob - the one who turns into a wolf), got a much needed haircut and has clearly been doing nothing but working on his pecs since the last production wrapped but aside from that, everything seems to be in line with the sincerity that captured both believers and non-believers so genuinely in TWILIGHT. Just remember boys and girls, Lautner is but a baby of 17. No touching.

Personally, I've lost a little interest in the Twilight Saga. I had none to begin with and then was surprisingly impressed with the film. I mean, it wasn't perfect but it certainly had more going for it than I had anticipated. I loved Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her simple demeanor. Even Robert Pattinson as Edward grew on me after I got over his ability to sparkle in the daylight. I am still looking forward to this sequel but I've also been watching the first season of "True Blood" so my experience is tainted. There are far too many similarities between the two and "True Blood" is not doing a good job of it. The wah-wah whiny nature of the HBO series makes Edward seem all the more sappy. It's almost making me wish everyone would just leave the vamps alone already. That isn't going to happen though so I'll just have to hope NEW MOON reaffirms my belief in the possible love between a teenage girl and a decades old man who can potentially suck every drop of blood out of her at any moment.

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