Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Written by Dana Fox
Directed by Tom Vaughan
Starring Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz and Rob Corddry

What happens in Hollywood does not often happen in the real world. Where else but in a Hollywood would any judge find legal justification to sentence two people who got married on a drunken whim in Vegas to six months “hard marriage”? Nowhere, that’s where. However, if you can get past the ludicrous nature of the premise, you’re in for a much lighter sentence. Newlyweds, Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, are so darn likable that it’s pretty easy to look the other way (even easier when they make the view so pleasing on the eyes).

Kutcher and Diaz may be pretty; insightful though, they are not. The “Jackpot Edition” of this summer hit boasts a ton of extras, including a sit down with Ashton & Cameron, where they impart their infinite wisdom about relationships and just how insanely drunk one has to be to cross that line and marry a total stranger at your lowest moment. There are a number of finished deleted and extended scenes and a bloopers reel that essentially boils down to lots of cussing. But, wait! There’s more! Co-star Rob Corddry goes back to his satirical sketch roots with a purposefully horrible advertisement for legal advice (funny) while awkward cast member, Zach Galifianakis, interviews director Tom Vaughan (painfully unfunny). Ordinarily, I find director commentary on big budget Hollywood productions pretty unnecessary but Vaughan, along with editor, Matt Friedman, are so jovial that it is actually pretty entertaining to hear just how much stock photography they used.

It wouldn’t be Hollywood if Kutcher & Diaz didn’t both realize that the person they married might actually be their perfect match. All that WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS needs is Queen Latifah in some oddly suited, voice of reason role to give it some real kick. Oh wait, there she is.



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