Monday, July 28, 2008

THE TEASE ( A Trailer Review): W.

You can never trust a trailer entirely. They want you to see the movie after all. It would appear though that Oliver Stone's hush hush George W. Bush biopic, W. (pronounced Dub-ya), seems to be taking some shape in the public eye with this first look preview. It looks to me that we're going to see how George Jr., an incredibly messed up goof in his younger years, somehow ended up being the President of the United States. I'm intrigued and certainly impressed by the overall look. You've gotta love watching the leader of the free world chugging beer through a funnel. Still, I'm not sure why they decided to list all the character names instead of wow-ing us by telling us who all the actors behind all the make-up. (Did you catch that split second shot of Richard Drefuss as Dick Cheney?) Maybe it's me but I thought names tend to get more people into theatres. Still, as you watch Josh Brolin running ragged at the tail end, you know that a fair amount of people are going to run to see what Mr. Stone has to say about it all. W. is in theatres October 17th.

Trailer Grade: B

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